Monday, April 14, 2008

First bump in the road....

Well, I'm almost done restoring the opening title sequence. Let me explain what I'm doing. There are approximately 74,000 frames in the alternate version. I am using a program called Virtual Dub Mod and saving each individual frame as a PNG file. I am also saving each frame in the restored version of The Chimes of Big Ben and using them to replace the frames in the alternate version. However, all of the frames in the alternate version have not been restored. For instance, frames 1140 - 1206 (where it's a close-up of the prisoner driving his car) are not fully restored because it is an extended version of No. 6 driving and shifting gears. This is not part of any other version that I know of. For right now, I am leaving these frames as is and I will come back to them later. Here's what they look like:

I wasn't sure if I should use the entire restored portion of the sequence and then just attach the extended frames or just use the entire unrestored sequence. If I attached the extended frames, they were shifted up a little and it didn't look right. So I just used the unrestored sequence and left it as is for the time being. I will try to use a paint program called the GIMP to adjust the color and brightness levels and see if I can clean them up and make them look better.

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