Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Progress

I'm making more progress on the opening credits. The scene where the mechanical arm is bring the ID to the filing cabinet is a total of 83 frames in the Alternate Chimes, where in the Restored Chimes, it is only 72 frames - which means I am 11 frames short. So I took the same scene from the restored version of "Arrival" (which is a longer sequence) and inserted it into the credits. However, the picture was lighter than the restored version of Chimes.

So I had to use the GIMP to darken the picture. I had to adjust the color settings for each of the 83 frames in order to match the remaining frames of the sequence. I changed the Red to -5, the Green to +5 and the Blue to +25. I also had to adjust the brightness to -10 and the contrast to +10. It took over an hour to do this few seconds of footage, but after watching the final product, it was well worth the time because you can barely see the difference between the scenes.

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