Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Updates

After posting the Opening Sequence on YouTube, I am trying to finish up the Opening Titles. There are many frames that are exclusive to the Alternate Version, so there are quite a few untouched frames. With a few notable exceptions, however. One is the Scene with Rover bouncing on the beach:

The restored scene actually comes from the additional stock footage from the Network DVD Set. The next restoration comes at the end when Number Two is laughing at Number Six:

This scene was taken from the restored alternate version of Arrival at the end of the episode. It looks good here. The only scenes that were not restored yet are the following:

Rover is "born" from the ocean.

George Markstein's credits are shown.

George Markstein's credits are NOT shown.

and a scene where Number Six is chased out of the water by Rover.

If you have any ideas where these clips are found in the rest of the episodes, please let me know so I can insert them in here.

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schizoid said...

I think you are carrying out some cracking work on the Alternative Chimes of Big Ben. I have watched you clip of part of the opening sequence on you tube, and could not believe what I was watching. And have visitd your site and just had to subscribe.

Keep up the stirling work